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Crawford & Company’s mission is to win the lost and encourage Christin’s in their walk and faith trough the message of their original songs. They feel called to bring the message of these songs to an ever-expanding audience in an effort to touch and change hearts and lives for the kingdom.

Crawford & Company calls the Mid-west home and travels cross the country “Sharing the Gospel in Song”

The group has a long tradition of Southern Gospel music in the family that crosses generations and the current group continues to live out that great tradition yet today ‘The group’s founder and songwriter, Gary Crawford, started singing when just a boy. His mother performed regularly on a local radio show and around the area and various churches and events. It wasn’t long until Gary and his older brother began singing with their mother on various occasions.

Gary started his own ministry later in his adult life and has had a continuous music ministry 30 years. Gary has seen many people come and go in that time but has always been the one to keep the group together. It is easy to say that he has seen a lot of changes throughout the years.

The group started as a mixed trio, singing primarily cover tunes of others artists. Then one day Gary sat down at the piano and began to play and God gave him hi first song. Gary works at that same piano almost everyday as that simple process plays out and God continues to give him songs day after day.

Shortly after Gary began writing the group soon became a quartet, adding a bass singer and began performing Gary’s songs. Later, when the group’s female vocalist left to have her first child, Gary’s son, Justin, stepped in, taking the high tenor, creating a more traditional male quartet sound. The group continued in that format until their bass singer of over 15 years left. Once again the group saw a change, tis time returning to their roots as a trio. The group continues in that format to this day.

With the belief to grow where we are planted Crawford & Co. is largely a regional group, but considers every ministry opportunity they are presented with and is open to growing and expanding the ministry as God leads. The group seeks to provide a high quality ministry experience, combining the message of their songs, testimony, and humor bringing audiences from laughter to tears back to laughter always leaving them with a smile.

Crawford & Co. has performed in many different venues throughout the years and feels just as comfortable in the smallest of country churches to the largest concert halls. Whether you would like to book Crawford & Co. to help with your next event or ministry opportunity or are interested in performing or recording some of Gary’s original songs please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us as we will be glad to assist in all of your endeavors.

Gary was invited to Tanzania, South Africa in 2015, to share his testimony and songs with The Bishops and Pastors of  Upendo Pentecostal Church. This is a ongoing ministry today.  For more information see


Published on Sep 4, 2013

Kevin Spencer asked Peg to come up and sing with us and to our surprise, she did! Little did we know, God would add her to Crawford & Co a few days later. She has been in the background for Crawford & Co for 30 plus years taking care of business. What a Blessing to sing with my wife after all these years! Every member of our family has been in Canaan Bound/Crawford & Co through the years. Thanks to God ,Dennis & Charlene Bergen. Thanks Kevin & God Bless! It is Amazing how God Works in the Lives of his Children!