Troubles and Trials come our way in Life!

Troubles and Trials come our way in Life! Why?

All I can tell you, I have found Troubles & Trials in Life can bring “Precious Moments”.

A few weeks before Dale and I had become reunited at our First Friday Gospel Singing at Precious Moments. While we were singing, Dale realized, Hey I know that Guy! After the singing we met and talked about old times, playing Little League Baseball and going to school together at Goodman High School.

Little did we know how close we would become in the days to come.

One night as Crawford & Co was on our way home through Oklahoma our bus broke down in Prior (time 9:00pm). I decided to call a childhood friend of mine who lives in Inola. Dale said I will be there soon. Dale & Margie was there within an hour with their friends Mary Ann & Bob Hibbard.

Crawford & Co loaded into both cars and arrived back home about 11:00pm. The Wilsons and Hibbards arrived back home in Inola about 1:00am next day!

Since that night we have shared many troubles and trials that have become “Precious Moments” in our Lives!

We have enjoy singing,fellowship including a trip to Alaska! God has been good!

Our most “Precious Moments” have come as we Pray together as we face troubles and trials!

So, I have found, if we didn’t have any Troubles or Trials in life, we wouldn’t have any “Precious Moments”!

This Song is Dedicated to Dale & Margie Wilson and Mary Ann & Bob Hibbard!  The Wilsons and Hibbards are dedicate to God and ready to be used for Special Purposes. God Bless!

New Song to be released any day on our New Project. My Old Arkansas  Friend would call me almost everyday and tell me to eat right and loose weight. He had just recovered from a major Heart Attack, lost weight, working out, doing everything Doctor ordered.The last thing I expected to hear was Tommy is gone.

Call came Early one Saturday Morning and as I began to reflect on the time we shared, I went to the piano and God gave me a Great Song.  “Got The News This Morning”!


Alaska Cruise