Spirit of America

I met Randy Baar several years ago in Branson. We became Great Friends. Randy had started  a television show, Spirit of America Hour, and he was touched by a song I wrote, "He'll Wipe Away Your Tears".

During this time Randy interviewed everyone from Branson Artist, to people from all walks of life, that were passing through Branson.

If you are searching for "Spiritual Inspirational"  Real Life Stories, Great Original Songs, stay tuned in for more.


This interview is with Pastor Jay Scribner, regarding being Born Again and how did he know, he was to be a Pastor.

 Camille Langford will bless you in Song.

At the time of this interview, Jay was Pastor of First Baptist Church in Branson. 

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Randy Baar moved to Branson, Missouri in 1982, with the Vision to interview Entertainers and people from around the World. Spirit of America programs contain real stories of things people have experienced in life.