Africa 2015 “Called Out”

“Thine Is The Kingdom”      Written by Gary L. Crawford

“Called Out”

I have been invited to Tanzania to conduct seminars for Pastors, Most of the so-called present servants of God serving church in Tanzania (Pastors, Youth Pastors, Church Elders and Evangelist etc) have not gone to Bible school, in other words most of churches in Tanzania have a shortage of trained servants of God.

Tanzania is among  African Countries having the population of 45,000,000 million   ( Pastor Epaphras E. Malale &Son)                                                                                                                                                 


of people, with 30% Christian 25% Muslims, 25% other religions 19% pagans, 

and born again Christians 1%, this shows that there is a high demand of Salvation 

for Tanzanians.

and born again Christians 1%, this shows that there is a high demand of Salvation 

for Tanzanians.

At my Request! Pastor Epaphras E. Malale has sent me 100 Names of Pastors from Hill Country that want to come to seminars, 90% of them have no Bible college training so it will be their first time to attend and to be trained.

When I found out about these Pastors wanting to come but could not due to lack of money. I asked Epaphras to furnish me with their names and how much it would cost per Pastor to  attend the conference. Seventy-five ($75.00) dollars will pay all lodging, travel and meals for one Pastor for five days. (They don’t travel from the Hills in a Car!) ( How far would you walk to be trained!)

I am seeking people who feel led to provide for one or more Pastors to attend this conference.  Tribe africa

When I was first approached, I said no way will I go to Africa. However, God made it very clear that I go. 

Have you ever ask God to give you assurance that it is His will not your own. I did! The next time I talked with Epaphras, I said, why me, why do you want me and what do you expect me to do? He said,”Man of God”, didn’t you read my attachment? As I read his attachment I knew why I must go. I have been trained for the very problem they are having in Africa and God told me Long Ago through the Songs he has Given to me, this day would come.

Why me? They heard some of The Songs God has given me and felt the “anointing”in the songs.

I am going with God, and paying for the trip with(Peggy’s Dollars) what God has given us. Please pray about sponsoring at least one of these Pastors! 

I have heard much about Africa and the needs of many people. As I talk with Epaphras and learn more about him and his people it hurts. We are so Blessed in America! I had no idea about Africa or how little the people have.  What little I now know, “It Hurts”. I pray God will speak to you about being a part of the team going to Africa in May!  “Called Out”

For more information Call Gary L. Crawford 417-529-8095   Any amount will be appreciated! Dollar,Dime,Penny! Prayers!

Dear Pastor Gary&Peggy,   (I keep telling them I’m not a Pastor) (“Just full of Bull!”)

I greet you all in Jesus name our savior. I am Bishop Eliphace Malale from Tanzania. I am introduced to you by our senior Pastor Epaphras when we had our annual meeting a few weeks ago. It was just a blessing to hear about you and your ministry from our Pastor.

On behalf of the church he requested you to come and conduct untrained pastor’s conference in Tanzania. The Church Board of Trustees was very happy to hear that you can come and conduct such conference in Tanzania. I visited your blog, here and found that you are somebody we want here in Tanzania. For such matter, now we are praying for you and the plan.

We thank you in advance for accepting to conduct such conference for empowering the pastors and evangelists who had not attended the ministry training.

God bless you Pastor Gary!

We welcome you to Tanzania

I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours in Jesus,




Psalms 2:8

Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession.

Please listen to one more song! ” Chosen Called Out” I told Peggy, the day God gave me this song, I was like Abraham, She said you are not Abraham!

I just lowered my head went out the door to work, thinking, I understand. I would not believe me either! Key is, I said( Like)! Little did I know that God’s footprints would lead me to Africa in May 2015.  Seek God’s will for any part he would have for you, regarding Africa.

 Special “Thanks to Peggy and my family” for their support in Prayers and expenses! We were all united that I shouldn’t go, Until God spoke to us! Now we all know it is His Will! I stand “Amazed “how God has supplied information and help from many friends and Loved ones in preparing me for this Journey !



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