Another Special Night With Crawford & Co

Fairview 3-1-2013

Another great night for Crawford & Co, and Friends. Great crowd, thanks everyone for coming out on a cold, snowy night.

Special thanks to Michael Greenstreet, great job Mike. Loved your selection of material and how you presented the songs. Hope you get some bookings.  We appreciate how you support Crawford & CO First Friday Singing.

Glory Bound, thanks for coming and giving your all for Christ. Crawford & Co appreciates having you and love the old time gospel quartet sound and songs. Great night!

Then There Is Duke: What can I say! His dad taught him well and I believe he is definitely a chip off the block. Worst part about Duke is I never know what he’s going to do. I always lose sleep the night before concerned about what will happen.  However, I Love Duke and Stephanie and one of Crawford & Co’s greatest blessings were meeting Duke, his family and friends. Thank you Lord for the fun I have with a very special person.

We appreciate the opportunity to speak with God on behalf of those who ask for prayer. To God be the Glory and we thank Him for his continued blessings.  Don’t forget to pray for Crawford & Co.  

Last but not least: Very special to have Keith, Jeff, Lee and Darrell with us. Thanks for all the memories of times spent in ministry! You may be out of sight but never out of mind or heart. Thanks again!Fairview 3-1-2013


  1. Barbara King

    I have a LOT of work, especially sewing work, for an upcoming missions trip to Haiti, but the day of the sing I had quite a bit of business in Carthage and stayed for the sing. It was so good to see Keith and Jeff > haven’t seen them in ages. Enjoyed hearing Duke as always. Not surprised Gary was hanging out on stage with Duke. Kind of nice to see Duke going with the flow of that and having fun with it. I couldn’t afford the evening off from everything I have to do, but am so thankful for God’s messages through music to me, and the laughter > I needed both so, so much.

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