Back In Arkansas Tonight


What a way to retire. Back in Fayetteville, Arkansas tonight with Justin. My office over looks the Pratt Barn and beautiful barn yard ,with horses. They allow me to work in the dinning room(Beautiful Place) To our surprise temp. must be close to 75 here. Quite warmer than it was at home when we left. Peggy & myself lived in Springdale, Ar. and worked for Sears & Roebuck in 1965. Since that time in our lives, this part of Arkansas is like home to us. Rumor back then was Bella Vista would grow to several thousand population. Nothing was said about Fayetteville and surrounding communities. It is just amazing to see how things have changed. While we were in Arkansas, Beaver Lake filled up and just about every evening we would ski and Pick neck at the Lake. Most amazing time for me, was a Fall Saturday in Fayetteville with The Razorbacks playing football. I could feel the magic in the air, everything  in Fayetteville changes on these days. The whole area changes when Razorbacks play.

We had all the intentions of retiring with Sears, until I received my draft notice and returned to Neosho, Missouri so Peg would be with her folks to have our first child (Dondi). Young and foolish, one week before I was to report to Kansas City, I received notice of being re classified. Both unemployed and no place to go!

A part of us will always remain with our friends in Arkansas.

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