Time brings on change in every aspect of our lives. Crawford & Co had a wonderful three years with Josh,  however, time has come for him to leave and focus on school.

Josh came to Canaan Bound/Crawford & Co at a time when the group would experience many changes.  Our new recording company requested a name change and we found ourselves traveling, at times, by land, sea and air to be where God would have us go.

It has been a great three years  traveling across the country listening to Josh and Justin talking about things they were doing and making plans for the years ahead. It has been a wonderful experience to see Josh grow not only in music but in his life as well.

God speed  Josh with school and  your journey down life’s road.

Crawford & Co at BransonCrawford & Co.


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    • Gary Crawford

      Thank you. My son built our site and I know very little about hi tec. I will make sure he reads this. Thanks to him and our new site I hope to have time to share as much as possible of what God has given me. He started giving me songs in 1982 and they need to go around the world as well as the stories behind them. God Bless!

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