The Morning God gave me the song “Chosen”, as I left for work, I told Peggy, I’m like Abraham, she replied, you are not Abraham. I just ducked my head and went to work! I would have said the same had I been her. However, I felt God was telling me I  would be used to help in some way to deliver people from bondage. In my wildest  dreams I would have never thought God would ask me to leave my land, family and friends to travel to Africa to see  someone I had met on Facebook .  God has given me a simple message to share with people of all nations. Do You Know Him? If you do, tell me your story! If not may I tell you my story?  My trip to Africa made me aware of how Blessed we are in the USA!  Please pray for Epaphras, Bishops and Pastors on the front line in Africa. If you would like information let  me know!  gary@crawford and  or 417-529-8095.  Is God Calling you out? Are you Chosen?

This Video is about Sunday Morning, with my Friends in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Special friends in this movie is, Epaphras E.  Malale, his sister, Loyce, Father Bishop Eliphace Malale,& wife Helen and other friends I met in Africa. Special appearance by Poncho (my orphan Goat). This movie has picture and videos of Sunday Morning in Africa and lunch!

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