Church On The Rock

Church on the ROCK

Canaan Bound had their first concert in many a year as a trio.  The group originated as a trio and has gone through many changes though the years.  The group sang their first singing without Keith, which is something they haven’t done for 15 years.

We are sad to see Keith go, but God still blessed.  The service was great and very moving.  This church, yet small, has one of the best praise and worship services in town.

The folks were very loving and kind and open to the move of God’s spirit.  We’ve been talking about our concert there so much one man asked us where it was that it must have really made and impression.  We rejoice in the decision for Christ that was made that day.  In past weeks and months we have seen God pouring out his blessing as we see people added to the kingdom of Christ.

Monday, July 6, 2009


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