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Talk about the Great Atheletes Date: 12-24-2012

From: Gary L. Crawford

To: Merril Hoge and all concerned

Re: Comments in general but most disturbing about Tim Tebow by Merril Hoge

I have played with the likes of Mickey Mantle, Clete Boyer and brothers, Louis Arroyo, and many other Great Athletes. I have also played and competed against less talented athletes that had the Heart and Desire and inside Gift to beat the very best.

The one thing in sports that bothers me the most, is to see people with a proven tract record to be cast aside by others in power that do not have the foresight to see the hidden Gift  inside them. How  many Championship games have been won by a athlete  that no one expected to hit 500 during the series or perform to a higher level than the star. (Takes a Team)

The person I want on my team is the one that performs in the big game. Pro sports is full of players in football and baseball(all sports) that may do Great during the Season but should be benched in play offs.

Point is – Tim Tebow has a proven tract record of how he plays when the chips are down. He won in high school, college and did the impossible with Denver to receive unfair criticism from ignorant un qualified people that evidently  believe they know talent.(Leadership).

Just because he doesn’t throw the ball with the motion man believes to be best ,doesn’t  drink ,do drugs, shoot people, cheat on wife, (as too many stars do)does not make him a looser.

If a team will give Tim Tebow a chance he will prove to the World what he is made of.

Today(Merril Hoge) was the first time I have even heard of you, even though I have watched all sports and a fan of the Steelers. So I checked  out all I could find about you.

You need to apologize to Mr. Tebow and the T V audience for making statements that you are not qualified to make.

Why don’t you talk about the  Great Athletes that kill dogs, kill those around them, do drugs to compete and God only knows what else.

After hearing your attack on Tim Tebow, I wanted to give you a piece of my mind. However, this wouldn’t  be right and I’m sure you would say about me what you said about Tebow( True Color coming out). You need to call Tim now and apologize! God Bless ! Merry Christmas!  Check out my web site for special information you might use.

P.S.Our Daughter was heal from Hodgkin a few years ago.




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