Q: Where is Fairview Christian Church?
A:Fairview Christian Church is located in Carthage, MO at 2320 Grand It is just north of Wal-Mart past the Turn-about.


Q: How can I help promote your First Friday Monthly Sing.
A: That answer is easy,  you can download the link under Media that has the full flyer. Download it and share it with your churches and friends.


Q: How do I get to Fairview?
A: Driving Directions form Tulsa, OK

Driving Directions from Joplin, MO

Driving Directions from Springfield, MO

Driving Directions from Bentonville, AR

Driving Directions from Nevada, MO


Q: How much do you charge to perform?
A: Cost can vary from event to event and what is expected of us.  The best answer to this question is decide what you can afford for the event you are promoting and approach us with an offer and we can respond.


Q: How far will you travel?
A: We have no limits to the extent of our travel as long as time and expenses can be covered.  We have traveled as far North as Iowa and as far South  as Alabama and Texas.


Q: Where do you get your material?
A: We are fortunate to have talented songwriters and arrangers in the group.  Gary Crawford is our primary song writer and we work as a group on the parts and arrangements to his songs.


Q: How do groups and individuals get to perform at Fairview?
A:  We ask for and audition tape to be submitted if we are not familiar with the performer and will contact them if we are interested in booking them for the concert.