God Is Good

Time has slid by and the years have passed so quickly! Peggy and I have been Blessed to have two Great Kids! We almost lost both of them early in life, but God has been Gracious and let us share so many Great Years with them. Peggy and I gave everything to God early in our lives, the best thing a person can do. We didn’t have 0r own one thing God had not given to us ! I’m glad we came to realize this early in our marriage. It has been hard to have very little time with Dondi,Ken,Garrett and Dondi, due to God calling them to full time missions. First to Portland, Pittsburg, Penn, Iowa and Back to Portland were they live today. Thank God for telephones, computers and live streaming. This things have made it possible to see Garrett and Tyler play sports of all kinds. We have been Blessed to make a trip or two each year to enjoy things in person. We have never complained or felt sorry for ourselves due to knowing we are Blessed to have them and knowing we gave them to God! As Justin grew older Peg and I wonder where God would use him and would we be able to share his life. God has been Gracious and not only  kept him close but has allowed us to watch him grow into a fine young man. I can’t explain how it feels to minister with him night after night, year after year. Once again, God has been gracious and spared his life several times. These are the things that have built a strong relationship between God and our Family. With this all said, it will help you understand the following:

Justin,Peggy and myself have a new Blessing to enjoy and watch him grow. Crawford & Co is so Blessed to have Gerod,Amy and Marshall(Low Note) in the fold. It is exciting to watch this young family grow, especially Marshall(Low Note)(Cowboy) (Partner)(Superman) as he changes everyday, he keeps getting new nick names. (He answers to all).Peggy and I are so Blessed to have Gerod and Justin to sing with. We just set back and enjoy one of the finest Country Gospel Groups in the Country. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined having the opportunities  Crawford & Co has coming our way. As we approached Branson Wednesday, Justin ask me if I had every thought we would be singing on any of  the stages in Branson. My reply was – never thought about it! It has been Great to make so many good friends in Branson and to meet so many new friends from all over the Country. Most important thing is, to watch how God reaches the audience with the Songs He has given Crawford & Co to sing. Just one more opportunity to share what God has done and what he is doing everywhere we go. Crawford & Co’s Prayer is “Use Me(Us)!”God Bless! Keep us in your Prayers! You are the Key! Keep opening doors for us! Hope to see everyone @ Carthage,Mo for First Friday August 1, 2014. 6:30pm. Call Peg for information 417-529-9569.

Gerod, Gary, Peggy and (Low Note) Marshall. Justin taking our picture!

Gerod, Gary, Peggy and (Low Note) Marshall. Justin taking our picture!

Can’t wait to be home with our friends. Tell everyone you see and bring a car load with you. Gonna Have a Party!

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