God Takes Good Care of Me!

I was introduced to Jake Hess at and early age, Southern Gospel music was the only kind of christian music I knew! My earliest memory of Jake and one of my fondest was riding in the back seat of Dad’s old brown two door Montecarlo listening to….”All day singing, dinner on there ground….Forty-five hard rock farmers the wives and all of their kids, filled up the woods with their happy voices in a Rock’n good Gospel sound….” That was one of my favorite songs!

Since those days Jack appealed to me because he has such a unique voice that is only his, one word into the song and you know it is him.  I grew to love and admire his music, career, but mainly his character.  There is a good and bad side to everything and as a young man saw some of the sadder sides to some Gospel performers.  But Jake was  a different story also so positive.  Most of the songs he sang were the same way.  I think my two favorites is “Death Ain’t No Big Deal” and “You and Me Jesus.”  I’ll try to find them for a future blog post.

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