Good Morning Africa

I arrived in Africa at 2:30am 5/18/15, after we arrived at the Hotel, Epaphras(Pappy) and I talked the rest of the morning until time to go down town to exchange money and eat breakfast. Probably not the right way to start my journey!

Notice how I caught Pappy of Guard when I asked if His Girlfriend would be at the Conference. I was just having fun with him and had no idea if he had a girlfriend or not! Day before I left I found that he does have a girlfriend. She is a teacher in another city and he gets to see her about once a month. He tried to keep her a secret from me, probably afraid I would steal her. She is cute and sweet! I’m very happy for Pappy!

Epaphras is the son of  Bishop Eliphace & Helen MalaleEliphace  and Pappy  is a very gifted speaker! He is trying to hold nine conferences this year. If so he will train and teach about 900 to 1,000 different pastor this year!

I have attached a picture of His Bible and some of the material I left with him to share with Bishops and Pastors.

Also, a picture of me and my interpreter at Conference in Dar Es Salaam


Pappy and BibleConference 2nd Day

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