“Got The News”

I just received this message from Don. Just felt impressed to pass it on. God continues to Bless Crawford & Co through the Wonderful Songs He has Given to me. Hope you enjoy! “Got The News This Morning” !  Once again, I cannot write a song! I am so Blessed for My Father to Use Me! For your information! Had a Great Trip to Africa and Great Things continue as I work daily through Pastor Epaphras and his fellow soldiers there! Please Pray for me and Ministry in Africa. If you would like to be involved or see videos, let me know!

Amazing thing about this message from Don is: I have had his e mail address on my desk for along time trying to remember where and how I got it. I do this too much! However, after returning from Africa, God impressed on me to humble myself and send Don a message asking who, where and when? I’m Glad I did!


When I first responded to this email, I had not listened to the song. 

I watched it today and the tears flowed. I just lost my brother (unexpectedly) a couple of weeks ago. This was sent by God thru you to confirm he truly is in heaven and is waiting for all of us.

God bless you and the band for the song, the message and God’s confirmation and goodness.


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