“Happy Birthday Son”

Happy Birthday!“Happy Birthday Son”

December 28, 1972 Peggy and I were blessed with the birth of our son.  Life was good, our prayers were answered and our family was complete. We prayed for a daughter and a son and God blessed us with both.

Two weeks after Justin was born he seemed to be extremely congested, Peggy was taking him to the doctor , I received a call from Peggy, telling me to hurry to the hospital.

She didn’t have to say more, I could tell it was very serious by the sound of her voice. (unspoken words) Just north of Neosho, I told the Lord, I would try to live better every day whether He took Justin or left him with us. (I had grown enough in Christ to know better than make a deal. I wanted to honor God by living right).

Upon arriving at the hospital the doctor prepared us for the worst.  Justin had a bronchocolitis  a form of bronchitis but his lungs were not making the exchange, he was turning blue.  The doctor said he had seen one case when he was in medical school and prepared us for the worst, if he could live through the night he might have a chance.

The most interesting part of this situation is the peace and strength Peggy and I found as we faced the long night ahead.  He made it and a few days later we took him home again, only to find ourselves on our way back to the hospital with him. We thought he was dying, he was having a convulsion, Peggy was doing everything she could to keep him from swallowing his tongue and we watched him turning blue as we rushed to the hospital.

Little did we know that he would be over it a few minutes after  arriving at the hospital with a shot of something for convulsions. (What a difference a few minutes can make).  They kept him in the hospital to medicate him and watch for further seizures.  Never had another the rest of his life.

Peggy and I took turns sleeping  and staying awake through the long  winter nights just to watch him to make sure he was doing well.  During my awake time I would read the Bible, meditate and pray. I kept my promise to God, and strived to live better each and every day. The only problem was, I was living in my own strength and found myself at the end of the road. I reached home early one evening and found myself telling God I couldn’t stand anymore. I said, “you know what I can and can’t do, but I want you to hear me. I can’t take anymore, I’m saying uncle. I’m giving everything to you.”  He said, it’s about time you asked.  I didn’t ask for healing, however, God did heal him.  There were many prayers being offered up in his behalf.

Today we celebrate Justin’s 40th birthday, as we relieve the days of his life. I thought I was doing something for God, but, I know the best decision anyone can make for himself is to say, “God I’m going to try to live better each day”. (Then die to self and let Jesus live in you).

It was during this time in my life, God started giving me songs to sing. I want to share this song I wrote for Justin with you. Hope you like and receive a blessing. Happy New Year!


I Said A Prayer For You Today

First Verse:

Son, I’ve been a little boy, with dreams and Great Big plans. I’ve known Heartache and failure as I’ve grown into a man.  And, If I had the power to make, your dreams come true. I wouldn’t ask , for wealth or fame, I’d ask the Lord ,to walk with you.


I said a Prayer for you today. You, were on my mind. I didn’t ask ,for wealth or fame ,or things money can buy. I simply asked, the Lord, to hold your hand, the way, that He holds mine. To guide you safely, through this World and Through your troubled times.

Second Verse:

There’s something ,I want to tell you, before ,you’ve grown too old. Life  can be, man’s Greatest Treasure, when Jesus, is in control. Only He, can grant a wish, make your every dream come True. Reach out and take His hand, He will guide you, safely through.

Words and Music By Gary L. Crawford.  6/10/1989   Copy write   Key of C



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