He”ll Wipe Away Your Tears



If you have never ask Jesus into your Heart and Life, on behalf of Canaan Bound/Crawford & Co, I recommend it! I was Blessed to hear his calling at the age of five years. I am now 68 years old and still watching the signs of time and waiting for Jesus to come again. I can tell you today, it’s true. He is Coming and  He will never leave you or forsake you. He has delivered me through trials and troubles for 63 years. I can tell you that ever trial or problem has been turned into victory and made me stronger. I was going through a struggle when God gave me this special song with a very strong promise to all who will trust and Believe. He told me he would wipe away my tears ,take away my pain, and give Peace. Three days after giving me this song, He took me to a Place of Perfect Peace and I wanted to stay. He is Coming soon, Why not ask Him if He is real. Is there really a God? Is Life different for those who have been Born Again ! Is Jesus Coming Again? Let me know what happens! God Bless! Visit  us on YouTube and listen to “He’ll Wipe Away Your Tears “.

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