I Know the Master of the Wind!!!

Sorry for the bad video, but the audio isn’t too bad? It’s the words and music that really matters anyway. I loved the Hemphills! I remember hearing them sing at the Neosho Municipal Auditorium and gettung Candy’s autograph. I had a huge crush on her!  I love this song and it has meant a lot to me down through the years!  I sing it to myself when I am down and need reminded that I KNOW the Maser of the Wind.  What a tremendous blessing and honor that we can approach and all knowing all powerful Creator  through the sacrifice of his son and truly walk in a relationship and say, “I KNOW the Master of the Wind!”

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  1. Gary Crawford

    No one can sing this song like Charlene! What a Blessing to hear her night after night as we traveled and shared the gospel in song.

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