I Need Prayer

This sweet boy from Danville, Virginia has been diagnosed with a very advanced stage of cancer. He is only in 2nd grade. Please lift up prayer for him as often as possible. If you feel led to, please share to get a prayer chain started!! Thank you!

Morgan Nolen

A few years ago our daughter “Dondi” had cancer. Peggy flew to Portland, Oregon twice, but we didn’t have the
money for me to go. One night after talking to Dondi, I said God, it would be so much easier if I could be there to put my arms around her and tell her I love her. God spoke very plain to me!” I have my arms around her for you and I will give her strength to fight the battle and I will give her victory.” I went to the piano and wrote a song called “Christ Is Everything I Need”, regarding what God said. Amazing thing  was, all I heard was I have my arms around her for you. I was so happy, knowing God could Love our daughter much more than I or we could. It wasn’t until she was healed, that I realized all God had told me, I will give her strength to fight the battle and I will give her victory.  Dondi  &  Ken still  live in Portland and have  two fine sons Garrett & Tyler. I have learned to listen a little better  through the years.      Father Bless Morgan with strength and give him victory over the cancer in his body. Set him aside to witness and serve you . To you be The Glory ! Amen!

Garrett & Tyler Garrett, Tyler and Gary L.Crawford



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