Jesus and Alexander

I heard this poem listening to Turning Point on 90.3 FM this week.  It was a sermon series from David Jeremiah’s program.  I think this is a great example of two completely different worldviews.  The most interesting part is that the minster ended the sermon noting that in his view Alexander the Great was used by God to unite the world by language, culture, and roads, so that they Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ, could more rapidly be spread.   In essence Alexander paved the way for Jesus Christ’s message and ministry.  Could it be true that this conqueror  served his life in stark contrast to Christ’s, only so the latter could change the world by concurring the hearts of men one person at a time?Вебмастерам придется устанавливать HTTPS сертификаты


Jesus and Alexander

Jesus and Alexander died at thirty three,

One lived and died for self, one died for you and me.

The Greek died on the throne, the Jew died on a cross,

One’s life a triumph seemed, the other but a loss.

One led vast armies forth, the other walked alone;

One shed a whole world’s blood, the other gave His own,

One won the world in life and lost it all in death,

The other lost His life to win the whole world’s faith.


Jesus and Alexander died at thirty three,

One died in Babylon and one in Calvary.

One gained all for self, and one Himself He gave,

One conquered every throne, the other every grave.

One won all the earth to lose all earth and heaven,

The other gave up all that all to Him be given.

The Greek forever died, the Jew forever lives,

He loses all who only gets, and wins all who truly gives.


By Charles Ross Weede

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