“Jesus Promised He Would Come Again”

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Thanks to Pat and Gene for sharing article regarding Israel. The only seminary I have had is God’s and Christian friends. After reading this article I know it is time to speak up regardless of the cost or how foolish people may think I am. After all isn’t The Great I am who I will answer too. With that said, it still becomes hard to share things that many educated people dispute. All I can say from the bottom of my Heart, I’m going to share as God leads me. I would appreciate your prayers.

It all started for me when I was five years old and dad was Pastor of First Baptist Church in Goodman, Missouri. One night while Stanley, Mom and myself were singing,The Holy Spirit told me if we were to die that night I would not be going with my family. When Mom ask me why I was crying she had prayer with me and I received the Greatest Gift anyone can receive. That night I began my journey with The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The next interesting thing that happen to me was on our way home from Wednesday Night Prayer meeting at Sweet Water Baptist Church. As we approached Goodman, the thought came to me that I would never die. I thought how crazy to think this, everybody dies. I did not tell mom & dad, just laughed to myself and that was it.

Several years later God ask me about things I learned in Sunday School about Jesus “Coming Again”. Immediately my thoughts went back to the night God told me I would never die. Don’t you believe it to be a little strange that a man in his thirty’s would remember a moment in time when he was about 9 yrs. old. Anyway I believe I will be Singing and Praising God when Jesus “Comes”

If you have heard some of the Songs God has given me you have heard me sing about this.I have learned to pay closer attention to the Songs God has given to me.(To be Continued)(Long Story)(Be sure to stay Tuned In)(You want more)

Hope you enjoy ” I’m Ready To See Him”as you read! Click link !


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