“My Country Girl”

First time in my life that I was not in USA for Memorial Day! I was flying home from Africa this year and missed spending the Holiday with my family. So, after I got home we decided to drive down to see how Elk River and Sugar Creek was doing due to heavy rain. While driving Peg said, she would like to drive down to Jane and look around.

It turned out to be a very interesting trip back to her home town and memories. As we drove she talked about her childhood, days past.

      I got this scar on my back when I crawled under that fence over there!

      Our house was right there where the Jane School Sign is today!

       That’s Potts Hill over there. Dad would walk up from White Bluff, and Mom would walk        

       up Potts Hill from Jane, to meet at the top!

      In my early years dad would take me Coon Hunting up there.

I have a lot of Memories of Jane and times I have shared with Peg and her family through the years. It is amazing how quickly our Lives pass by.

This Video is about Love That Will Last Forever”. and  “My Country Girl”!

I met Peggy just a short time after my family broke up. The moment she spoke to me my life was changed forever. There was no doubt that I Loved her. 

Thanks to God, for His gift of New Life through Jesus, making it possible to actually have and know our Love will Last Forever!

Hope you enjoy Video ” Jane”!        

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