Christmas Is Special

Both of our Children were born in December, making Christmas extra Special. When Justin (our second)was born, Christmas changed for us. We had to buy artificial tree due to allergies . 

Late a night when everyone is in bed, I like to visit with God by the warmth of the fireplace and the lights of  the Christmas Tree. God gave me this song several yeas ago as my thoughts went back through the past years and all the Christmases.

Yesterday, (Sunday Morning 12/11/16, Peggy and I enjoyed breakfast beside The Old Tree. It just seems to be so beautiful this year. When the day was almost over, we turned out all the lights and once again found ourselves enjoying the warm fire and lights from that Old Tree. 

As we went back through our lives and how Blessed all Americans are today to live as we do. Peggy and I went back to cold houses without insulation, no running water or bathroom, Wooden stoves and Sears & Roebuck in the Old One hole out house, taking a bath in foot tub next to Wood Stove.. Found ourselves wondering how our families came to Missouri.

How we came to know Jesus.

Then we started talking about how we came to know Jesus. Although I have heard Peggy's story before I ask her  to share her story with me again. Here it is:

Peggy's Story

    Peggy spent a lot of time with her Grandmother and would stay all night with her. She said, my family didn't go to Church, but Granny and myself went to Church quit often. Granny was a Methodist, but we went to the Old Baptist Church beside the Jane School House since there wasn't A Methodist Church in Town. That is where I heard the stories of Jesus. Before Peggy ask Jesus to come into her life she would dream of people leaving for heaven and her  being left behind. It was Summer time and Peggy was playing under a big tree by herself when she prayed for Jesus to come into her heart so she wouldn't be left behind.

I am so touched by the way God prepared her to be my wife. No wonder it was love at first sight.

Thank you Father, for one more Christmas together  building memories. Christmas is truly Special this year, as we see America turning back to God.

Give Jesus as a Gift this year

Take time with the family around  The Christmas Tree and tell them your story! Mothers, dads, Grannies, Granddads, make sure you take your family to Sunday School and Church! You might be the one to keep them from going to Hell.  Then they can say !

 "Christmas Is Special Since Jesus Came To Me"