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This site will show you  how to receive God’s gift of Life through Jesus and have a full and meaningful life.

INFORMATION   that will transform you  through the power of the gospel? God is calling you right now to stop living in ignorance of Him, to come close to Him and know Him. Jesus has changed my life. Now you also can have a new relationship with God and receive all of the blessings He has for you. (Acts 17:28-29). First step to receive all that God has done for man is, to know Him. You will find complete guide under  “The Better Way”  top of page .


If you have problems of any kind please feel free to contact me. I have been trained for the very purpose to help others have a True and Meaningful life. if you are looking for something real for everyday needs, contact me today. Does God care about your finances and problems? 

Born Again Christian! Spent 40 years in Banking and finance, 65 years walking with God! He cares and He Loves You! God has given me a Gift to share with those who care. The Gift I have to share will profit you more than if I were to give you a million dollars. God Bless!

This Site is dedicated to  Dr. Avery T. Willis, Jr., Author, of "Master Life"! If you are searching for a  Meaning full life.  Make sure you are "Born Again"and then take "Master Life".


The most important decision a person will make is whether to or not to be "Born Again"!  Please listen closely to the Words of   "Do You Know Him"