Thank You Father for Another Father’s Day

One thing I’ve learned through the years is to be grateful to wake for another day. Peggy and I are grateful for

God’s grace and mercy through the difficult times in our lives, especially the times when our children were ill or in danger.  God has been with us through each situation and brought healing or protection and we praise him for that.

It was early one November morning when Justin called Peggy and said he was on his way to our place to go with us to vote.  Just a few minutes later we received another call from him saying he was alright but had just had an automobile accident.

We jumped into our car and started to the scene only to find fog so heavy we could not see at all. Finally we arrived on the scene to find Justin being load into the ambulance.  Justin ask me to find all his belongings and as I surveyed the scene it began to sink in. God and the angels brought him through. Not only alive but hardly scratched. Every single item in his car was thrown out and scattered over the ground.

After retrieving his things I went to his house to get what he need at the hospital. As I drove into his driveway I stopped and praised God that I still had a living son. I can’t explain the feelings that I had. I can only tell you I had a special moment with the Lord! Every time we go to see Justin we must pass the place where  the accident occurred and  I thank God for giving us another day with our son.

Father’s Day was very special for me since I spent all day with Peggy and Justin.  As evening came, we went to Justin’s  to mow and clean up brush. Punkie mowed while I worked with  Justin to pickup limbs and burn brush.

Thanks Father for one more Father’s Day!IMG_1011 IMG_1013IMG_1010


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