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To:   Crawford & Co Friends @ First Friday Fairview

From: Gary and Family        Date:  3/27/13

Regarding: Thank You Friends

Many times during the night God will start giving me instructions or just remind me of the many Blessing we receive by serving him and his people.

On this particular night, he reminded me of our friends and all the things you allow us to share with each other.

I would start mentioning names if I thought I wouldn’t miss someone, so I will mention a few of the Blessing you bring our way.

First of all, I find it hard to wait for First Friday to come to see each and every one of you. As we unload equipment and start to set up, we enjoy visiting and talking with you as you take your seat.

Another is talking to God with such needs as follows:

A Mother’s Son in Prison, for brother and sister to be able to speak, lost our home, my church, I’m lonely, looking for mate, loss of loved one, my son or daughter is lost, just to mention a few. Crawford & Co thank you for sharing your needs with us and want you to know we keep a list and it is a honor to take these request to The Most High God with you.

Special thanks to those that we have had the opportunity to visit in your home, hospital, hunting, ball games, ministering in churches, talking with you on phone, special e-mails from you, other special events and many other events.

Special request from Crawford & Co. – Pray for a safe trip for us as we travel to Chapel Valley, Tennessee this weekend. After all these years, Peggy will be recording with us rather than making sure we have everything and do things right. Give Thanks to God for us.

God Willing we will return safe and sound to see you all @ Crawford & Co First Friday Singing for April 2013,

God Bless!  We Love you!



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