The Greatest Gift

Sure didn’t take long to reach 69 years on this Old Earth. Time has passed so quick that it is hard to believe my time here will soon be over. This year, Lord willing, I will celebrate my 69th natural birth and 64th Spiritual Birth.  I  was born again (Greatest Gift ) when I was five years old. Mom, Stanley and myself were sitting in a big chair where First Baptist Church  Goodman stands today singing (Just Build me A Little Cabin In The Corner of Glory Land, when I realized if we were all to die that evening I would be left behind. When I started crying, Mom ask me what was wrong and when I told her, she prayed with me and I was Born Again. As a five year old I had no idea how  special the Gift was  and how much this  Gift would mean to me through the years ,as I traveled down life’s road  on my journey Home. From the moment I  was Born Again I never feared death and as each year came and pasted,  I became aware of a voice within convicting me of right and wrong. As I look back over my journey I realize my friend was always there helping me make the right decision for each and every trial that came my way. Today I am fully aware of what it means to be Born Again and how Blessed to receive God’s special Gift at such an early age. I have never know the feeling of being alone, even when our home broke up and each  family member went in different directions. “I will be with you always even to the end.” What a promise , what a Gift. Quit often I find myself thinking of Home and all the Loved ones I want to see and wonder what will I say, what will I do, when I meet the One who died  for  me, that I might receive The Greatest Gift of

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