Tim Tebow

Tim TebowHow can a young man have such an outstanding football career through out his life from a child to the Pros, out perform Payton Manning in play offs (I Love Payton & Eli)(win  a division title)and not be used by any of the pro teams? Why should anyone listen to Rex Ryan (what has he done but destroy young men)or anyone that can not see that Tim is at his best when chips are down. He has told everyone He plays best when situation comes. You can’t practice a situation that happens in a game. I wish they could see His Heart and see what has made Him a Winner and will continue to make Him a Winner. The Manager that finally gives Tim a chance will be amazed at what happens. I had the opportunity to experience pro sports and I understand how Great each one of these men believe they are and if you don’t spit, chew, drink ,abuse dogs, do drugs ,kill people, act like a Brat(Texas A&M Quarter Back)and chase women you are not qualified to be in the NFL or pro sports. I would Love to have a team of men like Tim and compete with teams in NFL.  A Team of good men with talent, will beat a group of all stars anytime. It takes a True Leader and a  True Team to win titles. I will never forget the day I arrived to play baseball and heard the rumor that five Guys were going to be released that day. I knew in my Heart I would be one of the five. However, as I took batting practice, warmed up a pitcher and stood by 4 other players as they were told they were released, they said nothing to me. The day was over and we were told to go home, but I stayed and watched Billy working with two players he had kept over. after about one hour Billy came running in and released me. I am so Glad I listened to The Master! Tim is listening to His Master and He will leave Football when God tells Him. God “Bless” Tim Tebow and thanks for allowing me to enjoy what He has done and what you are going to do with Him in The Future. Thanks for a Bright Light in a Country completely out of Control.  “Coming” Who say’s God doesn’t care about Sports or Who Wins. Might go back to any Sport and watch results and study what happen and why one team beat the other.Памятники

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  1. andy fauth

    Awesome. Just wanted you and Peggy to know. “There’s Still Power” is doing great in Japan and the states. That’s the song you and Peggy helped to sponsor. Thanks so much for your love and belief in what God has given me to give. Your both awesome. Keep Being You.

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