What’cha Gonna Do?

I think we need to do a video like this! If Duke would cooperate  we could be the next big YouTube sensation! I like these videos for a couple of different reasons.  First, it show what one person can do! What I mean, is I often hear people say, “I am a nobody….what can I do?”  But one person can make a difference and be a huge success.

Keenan Cahill started lip-synching with is own style and has become and internet sensation!  You can view his current Axe Commercial on his YouTube Channel .  If you have a visions, or even if you don’t all you need is a willing heart! Find your passion and follow it and God will use you.  This doesn’t mean that it is your vocation of job, but what you feel passionate  about.

It could be as simple as sharing and getting the word out.  Many believe the last great awakening is upon us….what role could you play? Often these things are what we do that we really enjoy. You know, those things we love so much that time seems to stand still.  Those things we wish we could get paid to do?  You never know you might just end up like Keenan and your dream may come true.

So, What’cha Gonna Do? “Get involved in the game or ride the pine?” as Dad would say. I would encourage you to find something you CAN DO!

The other reason I love these videos is that it really show the difference between the sterile environment of perfection in the studio and live performance!  Even with the Oak Ridge Boys you can tell a noticeable difference in the quality of a studio produced video and a handheld live recording from the audience! It doesn’t make me feel so bad. 🙂

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