Who Is Gerod Hall?

Gerod, Ami, Marshall

Gerod, Ami, Marshall


Crawford & Co is Blessed to have Gerod Hall as our Bass Singer. He is a fine young man with a wonderful family and Great Family values. It is Great to see both sides of  their family members support for Gerod and Crawford & Co. God has truly Blessed  us with the addition of Gerod and Family.

This is all I Know about Gerod:

Gerod Hall is the father of Superman(Marshall Hall), husband of Ami Hall and sings bass with Crawford & Co.

Please share ! Who is Gerod Hall?


  1. Gerod Hall is a great man. He is a wonderful father to my nephew, a terrific husband to my sister, and has ALWAYS been there for me as a friend and Brother-in-law. I met Gerod when I was in 5th grade (I think) when our family decided to leave the church we were at and start attending Seneca Christian Church. I immediately new Gerod who was then just a teenager was a guy that I could look up to and felt an instant friendship. Gerod was always there to play basketball, wiffle ball, or about any other game you can think of, when I was bored, or we just felt like a little friendly competition (he was extremely competitive) I never faired very well against him cause as most of you know he is nearly 7 feet tall. Anyway to wrap it up Gerod Hall is a great person and I couldn’t imagine a better man for my sister or better father to my nephew.

    • Gary Crawford

      Thanks! need more Men like Gerod! Crawford & Co is Blessed to have Gerod and His Family on board!

    • Gary Crawford

      Thanks! Great testimony! Have a Great Day!

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