Widow’s Mite/Monthly payments more than you make?

The Bible

The Bible    

This is a true story regarding what God did for Peggy and myself years ago. I am sharing this in hope that our story might help anyone with a problem to turn to God for help.

The answer to our problem began one Sunday Morning in our Sunday School Class. The lesson was about a woman who gave all she had (one mite) to God. I was touched by her action and realized I didn’t even have a mite. I figured I was probably down several mites. (I had no idea the value of a mite)

After lunch as I stood in front of a big mirror in our living room, I told God I would Tithe if He would get me out of the mess we were in.

He did. If you want to here full story or ask any questions, contact me as follows:

Home phone 417-451-0917  Cell phone 417-529-8095 or gary@crawfordand.co

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